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28" (70cm) Om Singing Gong - Wind (Feng) - Fine Etching

28" (70cm) Om Singing Gong - Wind (Feng) - Fine Etching

SKU: 2314

The Original Singing Gongs are handmade to exacting specifications; they are made from scratch using traditional techniques handed down over many generations, and they are created from the same bell-bronze alloy (B20) as the finest Himalayan Singing Bowls.


The ancient technique of gong-making is called annealing. It starts with a single solid, pre-cast ingot of bell-bronze. The ingot is repeatedly super-heated in a furnace, removed and hand-pounded into shape by skilled artisans until the desired size and shape is met. The final step in the process is the cleaning-up of the edges and the face.


The Original Singing Gongs have several aesthetic design options, Fine-etching, Standard-etching or Plain. Our etched designs are created by master artisans of Patan in Nepal where each unique design is applied freehand and etched into the metal using an acid-wash method. Each gong is then protected with an antique-lacquer finish.

Each gong has it’s unique character both in look and in sound, with a multitude of overtone layers to be discovered. Original Singing Gongs play well with traditional mallet techniques and really excel to ethereal heights when using Professional Flumies.


The Original Singing Gongs come in Chau (Tam Tam) and Wind (Feng) styles with size options of 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 100cm (all finishes) plus 110cm & 120cm (in plain finish only).

  • Hum Tone:

    51Hz (G#1)

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