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About us

Hello and Welcome! 

Silence In Sound is a performance-based resource for Sound Practitioners, Therapists and Musicians.  


We offer practical and creative sound workshops as well as mentor days to individuals and groups.


Our sound studio, The Singing Bowl Centre is located in the small market town of Machynlleth, nestled within the rolling hills of the Snowdonia National Park in mid-Wales, UK. 


Founders, Craig & Jacquie Shankster have studied Sound Therapy and Vibrational Massage in Nepal, USA and UK and also hold strong ties to Himalayan Shamanism and other energy-healing modalities. Craig has been collecting and researching the origins of Himalayan 'Singing' Bowls since 1982.

Over many years Silence in Sound has established strong ties to the "Singing Bowl Royalty" in Nepal and hand-selects practitioner quality Himalayan 'Singing' Bowls for onward supply. We are also the UK's exclusive importer of The Original Singing Gongs.

Additionally, Silence in Sound also sources rare and unique sound instruments during our annual visits to the Himalayan region.


Silence in Sound also offers a unique ‘Sound Journey’ experience to individuals and groups, it is a rare opportunity to truly Relax, Reflect and Release and alleviate tensions and energetic blockages that may hinder the forward path in everyday life.


Silence in Sound is independent of any religious organisation and we respect all belief systems.

The Singing Bowl Centre
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