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About us

Founded by Craig & Jacquie Shankster, Silence In Sound is a performance-based resource for Sound Practitioners, Therapists, Musicians and Enthusiasts..  

Our beautiful sound studio is nestled in the rejuvenating, natural landscape of the Snowdonia National Park, mid-Wales, UK.


Our mission is to provide a safe and relaxed environment where we can deliver practical and creative sound workshops to individual clients and small groups working within this transformational world of sound.

Our guidance is nurturing and fun, with much attention given to self-observation and the development of
practical skills necessary for our clients to flourish and reach their full sonic potential. 



The Singing Bowl Centre

Craig & Jacquie have been playing, collecting and researching Himalayan 'Singing' Bowls since 1982 and they have studied Sound Therapy and Vibrational Sound Massage in Nepal, USA and UK.

Over many years of Craig & Jacquie have established a deep and trusting connection to the "Singing Bowl Royalty" in Nepal and they hand-select practitioner quality Himalayan 'Singing' Bowls for onward supply to their clients.

Silence In Sound is also the founder and importer of The Original Singing Gongs.

Silence In Sound is independent of any religious organisation and respects all belief systems.

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