​Silence In Sound was founded by Craig Shankster who has studied Sound and Vibrational Therapies in Nepal, USA and UK

Our sound studio, The Singing Bowl Centre based in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, offers specialised practical tuition (Singing Bowls and Gongs) to sound-practitioners, musicians and individuals looking for empathetic support, guidance and inner peace.

Our online shop offers practitioner quality sounding instruments personally selected in Nepal.


“I first encountered Himalayan Singing Bowls in 1982 during my first visit to Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a discovery that would change my life. The sounds emanating from these transformational instruments were other-worldly and I connected with them in such a deep and profound way; even today words still cannot fully translate that primal experience."

"Since then Himalayan Singing Bowls have played a major part in my daily meditation practice and in my life as a whole. I have amassed a wonderful collection of beautiful bowls and feel great joy in sharing their omnipresence."


Silence in Sound is independent of any religious organization and we respect all belief systems.

Nepalese Singing Gong
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By appointment only:
Owain Glyndwr Centre, Machynlleth, Mid Wales, SY20 8EE
01654 703791