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Himalayan Singing Bowls

Featured below are examples of some of the many bowl styles we have available in our studio. If however you are unable to visit us in person and have a specific requirement, please Contact Us and we will try our best to help you remotely.

We typically hold over 200 “Singing” Bowls at any one-time, each one hand-selected by us for superior sound quality and playability.


Unlike online retailers we do not see our “Singing” Bowls as commodity items. Choosing your "Singing" Bowl is much more than a digital sound file; it is all about the sound, the vibration, the heart connection and of course playability.

We also feel that your investment is more than a monetary transaction; it is the journey, the search and the meeting that will reveal the true value.

We would encourage all our clients to come spend some quality time with us in person, or at the very least connect with us via video link. We are very keen to help our clients in the all-important selection process.

To book a personal visit or video appointment, please click Here

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