What Is a Sound Journey?


Sound Journey, is a performance-based listening experience; essentially a 'safely held space' where you can naturally relax and 'just be'. .


A Sound Journey can be experienced either by lying down or sitting up; in whatever position is the most comfortable for you. Your own yoga mat, blanket and cushion will provide additional comfort. After a short relaxing meditation you relax into a landscape of magical sounds evoked by mystical Himalayan Singing Bowls and Singing Bowl Gongs and other mystical instruments. That's it....simple!



THE INTENTION - Intention is two sided; Yours could be to become a better, more compassionate person and to achieve this you may need to invest in yourself a little, allowing yourself some extra love.

Ours is to secure a sacred space in which you (and the group as a whole) can step away from the stresses and strains of modern life, freeing up head-space and allowing natural healing, inner love and energetic balance to take place. Perhaps together we can generate much positive energy for the benefit of all living beings.



THE EXPERIENCE - A Sound Journey can affect people in many ways; some deep inner-reflection can take place, often leading to a feeling of calmness, clarity, happiness or even tears; any manner of emotional release is possible.

Keeping your water intake up will help conduct the sounds to their maximum potential.

After the final sound has drifted away, it is hoped that you feel a little 'less heavy' than when you first started to listen.

A Silence In Sound SoundBath featuring Tibetan Singing Bowls and Singing Bowl Gongs
Silence In Sound - Silence In Sound
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While it is not the same experience as a 'live 'performance', it is our pleasure to offer you this Sound Journey audio clip for you to sample within the confines of your own home.

Choose a nice quiet time of the day away from outside noise if possible. Prepare your space. Attach some good speakers to your computer, set the volume to the desired level and dim down the lights. You might want to start with your preferred meditation exercise and light some incense to help set the mood and intention..

Now get comfortable and listen with your eyes closed to Silence In Sound, allowing the sounds to drift in and out  naturally, letting go of any over-thinking.

When the Sound Journey is finished, relax a while longer, gradually becoming aware of your surroundings.


We hope you you enjoy the experience.