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Shang (Flat Bell) - Cast

Shang (Flat Bell) - Cast

SKU: Shang3

The Shang (sil nyen) or Flat Bell is a ritual item used by Chöd practitioners from the Tibetan Bön and Buddhist traditions.

The shang is made of a special bronze alloy

and consists of three principal parts: the flat bell part proper; the gankyil, which is the centre piece that holds the knocker; and the knocker or striker proper, which is often made of animal horn.


The shang used to call spirits.  In ritual use when also using a Damaru (hand drum), the shang is held in the left hand. When the shang is used alone it is held in the right hand. Whenever the shang is played or when it is resting the face always points upwards.

The shang it is accompanied by the Damaru (Drum) and the Kangling (thighbone trumpet) during most rituals.


Note: This stylised Shang Bell includes the featured brocade tassle, and it has an 'antiqued' finish


Size: 14.5cm

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