Nepalese Singing Gong - Chau (Tam Tam) 70cm (28")

Nepalese Singing Gong - Chau (Tam Tam) 70cm (28")

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A beautiful Singing Chau Gong - 70cm with Tibetan Conch Shell etched design. Very responsive with very deep tones and many other layers. Superb flumi gong and a great compliment to an 80cm or 100cm Chau.


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Nepalese Singing Gongs are handmade from scratch from the same ‘bell-bronze’ alloy as antique Himalayan Singing Bowls, often recycled from broken bowls (when available).


Nepalese Singing Gongs are made using traditional techniques handed down by gong-makers for thousands of years. The method called annealing involves the repeated heating and hand-pounding of the metal alloy until the desired shape and size is met. Once the desired shape and size is met, the surface of the gong is finished and hand-etched by master artisans of Patan, Nepal. Each gong features any one of four Tibetan Buddhist designs, Buddha Eyes, Double Dorje, Om Mani Padme Hung Mantra and Conch Shell; also the occasional custom design.

When available Singing Gongs come in both Chau (Tam Tam) and Wind (Feng) styles with size options of 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 100cm diameters.

  • Fundamental Note: C# (35Hz)

  • Frequency: 35Hz

  • Sound File:

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