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Gong Stands - Handmade in Nepal

Gong Stands - Handmade in Nepal

SKU: 4004

Available to special order. Four sizes available to suit gongs up to 24"(60cm), 28"(70cm), 32" (80cm) & 40"(100cm) diameter.

Beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted gong stand from the artisans of Eastern Nepal. The design features traditional Tibetan cloud and Asta Mangala (the 8 auspicious symbols) symbols. Made in sturdy steel tube these gong stands are portable and easy to manage. The legs simply slide onto the leg, and locked into position via a simple wing-nut. They are easy to transport as well as being a comfortable height for playing.


*NOTE: These gong stands are hand-crafted, they are not made with precision engineering machinery.



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